I hereby acknowledge that use of the gym facilities and equipment, participation in the classes, and in the training provided at Exxotic Fitness Gym. This could exposes me to inherent risks which can include accidents, falls, illness, injury or even death.

I confirm that I know of no medical, physical or mental reasons why I would not be capable of performing the physical activity in which I choose to participate at Exxotic Fitness Gym.

I acknowledge my responsibility in communicating to a staff member prior to commencing activity, any physical and/or mental concerns affecting me which could conflict with participation in my chosen gym activities.

I assume all risks of injuries associated with use of Exxotic Fitness Gym and its facilities including, but not limited to falls, contact with other participants, exercises and techniques taught to me by trainers employed by or providing services for Exxotic Fitness and all other risks being known and appreciated by me.

Having read this waiver and knowing these facts, in consideration of accepting my use of the gym facilities and of services provided to me at Exxotic Fitness Ltd. I agree to Hold Harmless, Waive and Release Exxotic Fitness Ltd., its directors, employees, representatives, anyone else providing a service at Exxotic Fitness Ltd. and successors from any responsibility, liabilities, demands or claims of any kind arising out of my use of facilities at Exxotic Fitness Ltd. or out of my participation in training, classes or anything else organised by or on behalf of Exxotic Fitness Ltd.

I confirm by my signature that I have read and understand this Waiver of Liability. I am aware that this is a waiver and a release of liability and I voluntarily agree to its terms.